Ship Ahoy!

South Point Park, on the Southern tip of Miami Beach is now open after a 2 year renovation and $20+ million overall and I have to say… it was worth the wait. WOW. Did they ever do a beautiful job. One of my favorite things about the park is the fact that it follows the Miami Port Channel out to sea. Exactly where the freighters and cruise ships come and go all day long.Ship Ahoy!

Those who know me know that I LOVE to watch the cruise ships go out. In fact the joke in our house is that whenever I hear the horns blow I shout out “Ahh the sound of people having fun!” At South Point Park you can get so close to the ships that you can actually see people on board, hear the music playing, and listen to the cruise directors ordering people to bingo, the bar, or the lido deck for some dancing. Last Sunday, Conrad and I enjoyed watching the Norwegian Sky pass us in the park. Well, I am not convinced Conrad was enjoying it much at all. He looks like he is about to bolt after a small dog running through the park in front of us.

To be fair, I don’t really like cruising. Not my type of vacation. What I DO love is watching the ships and listening to people having fun. I think it’s great that they are on vacation, relaxing and playing with their friends and families. Everyone needs to have fun and it always saddens and confuses me when sales people say “I have not been on a vacation in years” or “I never take time off”. Are you crazy? Isn’t that why we work so hard in sales? To make money to have fun and take time off?

Being successful in sales provides the ultimate freedom. We all should celebrate that. Vacations are essential to rejuvenate and regenerate… and sleep. You can’t get new fresh and profitable ideas by always sitting at your desk. You can’t expand your network and your knowledge by never travelling out of your home. Plan now to take some time away. Chris and I are whisking off to Brussels and Paris in May right after the Engage Powerhouse Sales Event. I think we will need some time to relax after two days with 200 top-notch sales professionals and four! experts. What are you doing this spring for fun? Plan some time now to celebrate your success. We work in an amazing profession and stepping back once in a while to celebrate will help you sell more in the future. I guarantee that.

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