Selling Yourself Short?

It’s time to make all intangible value tangible. How do you achieve that? Ask yourself this simple question.

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2 responses to “Selling Yourself Short?

  1. “it’s time to make all intangible value tangible.” I completely share your opinion. Customers are very busy with their daily activities, challenges, and the numerous communications they receive. They don’t have the capacity to put together the work and effort we do for them. Customers will only give us their attention if they see value in it. They like to hear about our relationship with multiple point of contacts in management and technical.
    They see the value when they hear about our work from their organization. For example, being responsive to a product recommendation that will ensure they are meeting their equipment requirements and maximizing the output of their production, produce an out of the box solution to a technical problem that will save them thousands of dollars in preventing an equipment downtime, helping them to be compliant with environmental regulations to protect the air, water, and land. Keeping up with cutting edge technology can provide big advantage to the customer business from increasing efficiency and productivity.
    At Chevron, we are a technology provider. We stand out in the market with our differentiated solutions like Isoclean Certified lubricants that enables customers to run clean oil and maximize the economical life of their components. Our game changer, the Ultra low ash engine oil Delo 600 ADF 15W40 CK4 and Delo 600 ADF 10W30CK4 will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in this inflationary fuel market and lower the maintenance expenses in thousands of dollars. Finally, our Vartech industrial system cleaner that is the most reliable technology available in the industry to remove varnish in operating turbines and save thousands of dollars in maintenance turnarounds.
    In conclusion, all those examples are tangible value that will resonate at all levels inside a customer organization, and if you can replicate them, the customer will be happy to listen to you all the time.

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