Selling Value – Not Fear | Sales Strategies

Recently, I was speaking at a large conference that was focusing on sustainability and building technologies in the green space. After my presentation, someone came up to me and said, “Colleen, we need to stop focusing on the gloom and doom. We need to start telling people how great our solutions are.”

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I’m sick of sellers coming to me and telling me that they’re damaged or that there is something wrong with them. Here’s the thing; I don’t want to solve problems, I want to achieve greatness and most businesses that you’re working with feel the same way. They don’t have deep problems that they want to talk to you about, they want you to show them how they can leverage their strengths and be successful.

I encourage you to look at your value proposition, selling presentation, and the questions that you’re asking your prospects. Start creating materials that are focused on positive gains for your clients instead of negative pain.  In doing so, you will build faster relationships that are longer lasting and encourage your buyer to want to refer you to other people in their organization because you make them feel good about themselves. Don’t leave your buyers depressed when they’re done talking to you.