Put Your Value Statements to the Test | Sales Strategies

Most times, companies, marketing departments, executives, and even sales teams create value statements without understanding the value they can bring to the customer.

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After you create any value statement, ask yourself, “Who cares?” In other words, what value does it really bring to the customer? Why should a customer care about what you do?

Then, ask yourself, “How?” What do customers really care about in the process of what you do?

Ask yourself, “Why us?” How do you differentiate from the competition? Why is what you do and how you do it unique?

Next, ask yourself, “Who cares?” That’s your market. Which types of customers and buyers do you want to hone in on?

Finally, ask yourself, “What’s my proof?” How can you prove to your customers they’ll benefit from what you’re selling?

When you add up all the answers to those questions, you’ll have a customer-focused value proposition that you can weave into the story of why the customer would do business with you. Use it in opening statements, presentations, and even while you’re closing a deal with a customer and bringing them into your community.