Selling is like Dating Part 2

A few months ago I posted about how sales is like dating . This week while on vacation and reading Cosmo, some new information was again revealed about how close the two pursuits really are.

Apparently, women are more attracted to me who play team sports rather than individual sports. Think football and baseball vs golf or boxing. The new research theorizes it’s because “playing on a team indicates a guys likability”. In other words women assume a guy is more likeable because he plays on a team. Note the word assume.

Now, that’s not to say that individual sports don’t produce nice guys. I am sure that Tiger Woods is a great guy!  But in sales, as with relationships, it’s the assumption or the perception of the buyer (potential date) that really matters.

Sure…it’s not always fair. Assumptions and perception rarely are. But understanding perception and using it to help our selling is important. How well are you managing the perception of you?

 Do you appear as a team player, or a lone wolf?  

Are you working on your “nice” and coorperative side or do clients view you as competitive exclusively for your own gain?

You can’t change the way people think but you can change the way they think about you.

Cheers Collen

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