Selling 3.0

I’ve been at Dreamforce today chatting with other experts about the future of selling. Check this out and tell me what you think. I can find a business application for each one of the statistics and I think its high time you do too!

2 responses to “Selling 3.0

  1. Colleen, while I agree that social media is having an impact on our society and how we interact. However, what I see in my clients and my business (selling print and marketing services to small businesses) it that the key is not having a twitter account (or other SM presence) but being able to be easily located by clients when they need the product. This means staking your claim on Google places and the like, encouraging good reviews, having a mobile optimized site and using good seo and SM to drive your rankings.

    I think that many small businesses miss this and think that a Facebook page or blog on their website is driving business directly. But it is really driving in customers indirectly and if you don’t have good visibility on the web you will not be found.

    BTW, I enjoy and appreciate your sales tips.

  2. Thanks Dave,

    The key is being where your customers are at! Most companies blindly market across platforms that they think are important without measuring if their client are even present.

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