Sellers Should Never “Know It All”

Salespeople often have a healthy ego, but this can go too far when a particular seller feels like they “know it all.”

The best and most consistently successful salespeople always maintain an attitude of growth and learning.

They realize that no matter how good their sales results are today, that there’s always room to discover even more.

Rather than attending “mandatory” training and otherwise forgetting about their growth, the best sellers continuously scope out new ways of doing things and applying new methodologies and seeing for themselves what works best.

They are the ones who are always reading a new book, attending a new course, investing in conferences or meetings, or hiring mentors and coaches.

It’s this type of open-mindedness that yields top salespeople.

Think about how much selling has changed in the past 15 years alone. Can you imagine a salesperson who still refuses to acknowledge social media or the internet as a viable source to connect with their buyers? While this might be an extreme example, it’s a perfect illustration of why a salesperson needs to keep a pulse on new and emerging ways to sell.

Otherwise, a salesperson might find him or herself becoming an “old dog” who can no longer learn new tricks!

Think about your sales team.

Who shows a willingness to learn and grow and who doesn’t? Among all the sales metrics a leader can track to determine performance, a keen eagerness to learn and develop one’s self is an often forgotten about quality that can be the greatest indicator for success.