Say What You Do, Do What You Say

NewBlogJuly3rd You will often hear that the best way to maintain and grow your current client base is to ensure that you have the best product on the market, or the best customer service. While these factors surely contribute to client success and loyalty, they are hardly the most important factors.

The best way to create client loyalty is by building and maintaining trust. ← Click To Tweet

If you have average products and customer service yet you have built trust with your client, the likelihood is that they will still want to work with you. However, even with the best products on the market, you will be unable to maintain and grow your current client relationships if your clients do not trust you.

There are two keys to building and maintaining trust with your clients. They are so simple, but they are often overlooked!

1) Say What You Do

Explain to your prospects and clients exactly what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. You should have a detailed plan which outlines the steps and actions you will be taking.

By creating this plan and clearly explaining it to your clients, you can safely move forward without having to worry whether or not your client approves of a particular point in your plan.

Work with your client to adjust and tweak this plan so that you both can mutually agree what is realistic in terms of results, timelines and expectations.

2) Do What You Say

The second key to building trust is delivering exactly what you outlined to your client in your plan. Believe it or not, over delivering is almost just as dangerous as under delivering.

By over delivering you are compromising long term success for short term gain. When you over deliver once, your client will expect that you over deliver again. If you’re unable to consistently over deliver, you will actually be under delivering in the eyes of your client.

Because of this, it’s imperative that you stick to delivering exactly what is expected!

When you approach your clients with the “Say What You Do, Do What You Say” philosophy, you drastically increase your chances of building trust with them. Once you have built trust, using this same philosophy will allow you to maintain the trust long term.

What’s one other way you create and maintain trust with your clients?

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