Sales Tip: Why Everyone Should Not be Your Customer

Nonstop Sales Boom by Colleen Francis

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3 responses to “Sales Tip: Why Everyone Should Not be Your Customer

  1. Take a look at our web site. Our customers in the current environment are all of the Children’s Aid Societies in Ontario. We may have potential customers outside of Ontario and we may have private customers in Ontario and in the USA although this would require us to reframe our services a bit.
    I assert that everyone is a sales Peron though some of our team have specific tasks to do the selling.
    Would it be useful to us to connect by video conferencing or in person for a small sales education pitch?
    Saying no is an answer too.
    If I am on the wrong road-please advise. Bob

  2. Very good advise Colleen. I am currently doing cold calls 3 days a week for bookkeeping potentials and I was looking at a broad spectrum for potential client. Your tip just made me realize that I should be focusing on a specific market especially because I know what market is good for our business and what is not. Thanks again for the tip.

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