Sales Tip: Turn Off Your Technology and Turn On Sales

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5 responses to “Sales Tip: Turn Off Your Technology and Turn On Sales

  1. I enjoyed your tip…shutting down your technology and picking up the phone. I feel at times that I am glued to my technology.


  2. What a terrific concept – we got so busy this fall, going back to school, back to work and forgot about really connecting with our clients. Rather than update them with information via email and mail newsletters etc, we had some time to catch up, find out what was going on with them and plant seeds. Now we have some concrete opportunities with both old & new prospects. This tidbit is gold. Tx.

  3. I am anxious to zero in on your strategies and get back on my game. Your Site gets better and better each time I chime into it.

  4. Thanks Colleen!

    The technology is good and helps the process but picking up the phone gets you a quicker response to your question!

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