Sales Tip: The Work You Are Underestimating

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2 responses to “Sales Tip: The Work You Are Underestimating

  1. I put this advice into practice and was rewarded not only with the prospect calling me back, but a about a month later (before my scheduled follow-up) they contacted me and ended up placing an order!

    I would call and leave a message saying who in their organization recommended that we talk, and stating when I would call again without leaving my phone number. Then I’d call at the time I had stated and repeat the process. At first I didn’t have an email for him, so I had to do the phone call every day or so. Finally after the third or so attempt, I left my contact info and he called me. We had a pleasant conversation and it went on from there.

    Thank you so much for your sales tips. They really do work. I’m now encouraged to keep doing it for even better results.

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