Sales Tip: The Secret of the Power Lunch?

The often maligned Power Lunch can be one of your best sales weapons – if you do it right!

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5 responses to “Sales Tip: The Secret of the Power Lunch?

  1. Great idea Colleen! This is simple but brilliant, and I can see how this will have a fast impact in my business.
    Thank you!

  2. Thank-you Colleen for this blog. concerning “power lunches”.
    I interduce people all the time and I get nothing from it
    People even telephone/text me asking for my advise/contact name
    I am gald to help people but many people do not return the favour which I do not know why
    From now on I plan for do this (power lunches) through power breakfastes ( cheaper & I like brekafast) so I can make people aware that through me these people are contected
    Thanks for the advise
    Neill Hopkins

  3. Love the idea of connecting people and adding value.

    QUESTION: who pays for the 3 people’s lunch? The person who initiated and invited all (ouch, could get expensive)? If not, how do you advise the guests that they’re on their own (could be cheesy).

  4. You are thinking with a poverty mindset! It’s not expensive if you are growing your business. You invited everyone, you pay!

  5. Don’t worry if they don’t return the favour. Your good deeds will be rewarded.

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