Sales Tip: The Right Way to Deliver a Proposal

I’m a little shocked and appalled by the poor practice I discuss in this week’s video sales tip. Make sure you’re not making the same mistake.

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7 responses to “Sales Tip: The Right Way to Deliver a Proposal

  1. Hi Colleen
    95% of our proposals are through an RFP process whereby the Brown’s contact cannot make any presentation or gain further intel once the process has begun.
    More and more clients are also requesting that the proposals are emailed as well as hard copies – but we cannot meet the client unless we are shortlisted and requested to present. Any suggestions on this format?


  2. Colleen,

    I am interested in the same solution as Phil. Many of the VP’s of marketing are using the RFQ to get their pricing or create the situation to reduce their pricing with their current vendor. I understand sometimes you have to walk away and not be the hammer. What is your posture in this situation?

    Kind Regards,

    Frank L.

  3. With RFQ’s you have to be in first to develop the relationship before the RFQ is sent out. I would also encourage you to be developing relationships at the very top of the company. Sometimes those people can have meetings because they are “out of the process”. Finally, you don’t have to submit and RFQ. One option is to decline the process and ask if they will take an unsolicited proposal. Doing so might allow you to get a conversation started about a better option for them.

  4. Back in the day while at AT&T/Lucent, we would not respond to any RFP unless we could secure a meeting conversation. If it wasn’t worth their time to at least meet with us, then odds are they wouldn’t spend the money either.

    Not a shock, our win rate vs responses went way up.

  5. Many of my proposals are for prospects/clients that are in a different country or at least several time zones away. I substitute a face-to-face meeting with a teleconference attended by all decision makers. What are your thoughts on this? Enjoy your posts very much, Colleen and pleased to share them with my audience.

  6. great idea Mary, even better if you can use a video conference. We shared a great example of a client using video conferencing my book Nonstop Sales Boom

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