Sales Tip: The Magic Question for Creating Urgency

The truth is, you can’t create urgency with your prospect out of thin air. But, you can ask a magic question to help speed up the sale. Learn about it in this week’s video sales tip!

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14 responses to “Sales Tip: The Magic Question for Creating Urgency

  1. This is a great concept! Regardless of their answer – it does move the conversation in the right direction. Thanks, Colleen. BILL

  2. Great tip but how do you create that urgency when if you ask the magic question the answer is “there is no date” or “I’m not sure when we’ll be looking to bring in new products in that section”?

  3. Hi Colleen
    Great suggestion for building urgency and I agree wholeheartedly that creating false urgency destroys a salesperson’s credibility. What is your suggestion for a follow-up question if the client is evasive with timelines (perhaps because they’ve been manipulated before?)

  4. Hi Colleen,

    Thanks for the tip! I will include it when I call on others in the future.

    My colleagues often tell prospects that they’re going to drop in when they struggle to get them on the phone. Naturally, they call back to tell them to not show up.

    What advice would you give them, so that they can get in those crucial meetings?

    Also, I have recently created a sales blog to help myself and other gather knowledge to improve our sales careers. Feel free to read through my posts and comment with your thoughts. Much thanks!

  5. Why would the client not want to answer because they have been manipulated in the past? If you are asking a sincere question you should get a sincere answer.

    That being said, I would offer a date. If the clients says “Sometime next quarter” I would say “How about we plan for March 15th then.” for example.

  6. I would suspect that I am not talking to the decision maker. Why are they spending time with you doing a needs analysis if there is no interest in your products?

    If there is a need, but the dates are not set. I would be more general and just ask “Is this something that likely won’t happen until After July 1st then?” If you don’t have a date for implemenation, or a timeframe the deal is not fully qualified.

  7. I think they need a more compelling message that shows how it’s in the clients best interest to meet with you. If you are not getting the meetings it’s because the client does not see how meeting with you will benefit them. Don’t rely on tricks to get people to call you back. That will eventually backfire.

  8. Hi colleen, great tip. Works very well for my corporate clients! However when selling a service to retail clients ie financial-related product, the client may not feel the urgency to have the proposal implemented on a particular date. How do you suggest we tweak the magic question? thanks!

  9. I would still ask the same question “What’s the ideal time from for you to make the (Investment / switch etc…..)

  10. Hi Colleen ,

    I used to make them say a date , where I can make a second call . But the question


    Such questions seems to be more creative . Let me try from next call .

    Inside Sales team —

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