Sales Tip: Solving the Wrong Sales Problem

Trying to solve your sales problems? Just make sure you’re not “solving” the wrong ones!

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5 responses to “Sales Tip: Solving the Wrong Sales Problem

  1. Great input. I am in Texas but my territory is in Calgary. We have fight restrictions due to the downturn in O&G. Any input into how best to resolve the lack of feet on the ground in my territory (grossly under sold and historically underserved once sold)would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Good info. I have your book Nonstop Sales Boom and also on my computer, iPhone, iPad. This is best down to earth sales book I’ve ever read.

  3. I’m not sure I understand the question. But…if you are asking how to maximise coverage with limited resources I would make sure you are using an Omni Channel approach to reach more buyers more often.

  4. Hi Colleen ,

    This inspires me to buck up my guys to reach to market and make our prospects see us .
    Yes Activities ….have to start .

    Thanks and regards


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