Sales Tip: Just Leave Top Performers Alone, Right?

How should top performers be coached? Should they even be bothered in the first place if they are already performing to high standards? Find out in this week’s video sales tip!

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2 responses to “Sales Tip: Just Leave Top Performers Alone, Right?

  1. You are right on with this! ask your top performers before just assuming they’re all idiots and don’t know how to sell. This is what happened at my company and we lost 98% of our sales staff over a 4 yr. period because of one or two senior executives decision on a new sales training program. I agree that top performers need training but most top sales people I know are really good at self educating throughout their career. A little help, every now and then, is not bad If done in the correct way.
    Just my thoughts. Have a great week!

  2. Hi Colleen ,

    I understand that the top performers are leaders . They should contribute to the organistion by motivating the upcoming executives .

    Thanks for the tip

    And , I loved your golden hair today .


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