Sales Tip: Improving Prospecting with Your Sales Team

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4 responses to “Sales Tip: Improving Prospecting with Your Sales Team

  1. Thank YOU Colleen.

    When I start making some money, I plan on enrolling in your Sales Accelerator Program. I’m not planning on changing careers again in my lifetime so I need to make sales works. I did learn from one of your lessons not to call prospects and say Hi Colleen, how are you? Well, that is EXACTLY what I was doing. My next call after your lesson I decided to put in action and said Hi Colleen, did I catch you at a bad time? I couldn’t believe the reaction! It was Hi Debbie, yes but can you call me back in about 2 hours? Another call I even reminded them why I was calling, “The last time we spoke…”

    I don’t have a printer yet so I have to write all your notes down and put them in a folder. (I know I can save them on the computer and I do that too but it seems we having to hand write them helps them stick in my head as well.)

    I just wanted again to say Thank you!

    Debbie Cooper

  2. Agreed. I wish I had seen this much sooner. So simple but so effective and presents a lot of creative ideas to make it energizing.

  3. Great tips! We have been doing this and we call it the “Block Party”! Because we all block off time and get the prospecting party started. 🙂

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