Sales Tip: Handling Poor Performers Productively

Don’t handle poor performers poorly. There’s a more productive way to help them recover. Get the details in this week’s video sales tip.

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2 responses to “Sales Tip: Handling Poor Performers Productively

  1. I believe you to be one of the best presenters I encounter. I want to be a great sales person but fears and self doubts since to over take my full being.

    Do u have any good reading / suggestions for me? I am running a business practicaly by myself and the worries of debts,( monthly bills) are stealing my focus. Going to work full time is out of the question, although I entertain the idea many times. What could I do to keep pushing forward? I am sorry to thrown all these at you, but your advise will be gracefully welcome and considered.

  2. First read Thrive by Alan Weiss. This will help you to clear your mindset and break free of your fears. Next, get a mentor who can help keep you focused!

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