Sales Tip: Do Your Homework Before Hiring

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2 responses to “Sales Tip: Do Your Homework Before Hiring

  1. Great video Colleen! And when hiring, don’t forget to ask yourself, “Is this person good enough?” If you have to think about this, move on.

    Roberta Matuson
    The Talent Maximizer and
    Author of Talent Magnetism

  2. Great information! I’ve been thinking about ways of hiring sales people whose primary job is cold calling…and just like you mention in the video, the applicant’s resume may not be the first thing you want to consider. My solution was to come up with a way for applicants to submit an audio audition along with the resume, since the sales’s person’s vocal abilities may be more important than prior experience, etc. I think most sales managers make this judgment during the initial phone interview…but think of the possible talent that could be overlooked by eliminating people from consideration before ever hearing the person’s voice!

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