Sales Tip: Defeating the Dreaded Voicemail

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4 responses to “Sales Tip: Defeating the Dreaded Voicemail

  1. Good advice, but when your prospect doesn’t answer your call the second time, you can’t say the same thing, right? I’ve found using a portal, like “WhyICalled” helps to overcome voicemail with those prospects that never answer their phones or return your calls.

  2. You can use a similar script for each of the calls. I would not suggest identical or it will sound scripted

  3. Mark, I actually have used the same tactic for up to the third call, and when I finally got the prospect on the line, there was a familiarity there. I assume from all the voicemails they’d heard and my consistency. Also the fact they knew from the first message that I was referred by someone in their organization. (A tip I got from Colleen).

    You can keep it conversational on the 2nd and 3rd attempts by saying “I’ll try you again at x o’clock” or “I see you’re not available at the moment, I’ll call again at…” something like that. After the third time, you can tell them you’ll follow up further down the road.

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