Sales Tip: Dealing with Commission Cheats

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3 responses to “Sales Tip: Dealing with Commission Cheats

  1. I think this may happen more than we think. I have actually hired a couple of great reps over the years who left employers because what was promised or committed to them was broken when the rep actually ‘over performed’ and was due a lot of money. One rep told me that his ‘boss’ simply said “I can’t pay you that much because you will be making more money than me”!

    As an employer, If it is committed, pay it and adjust your plan later if you feel the program is too rich and not driving results, but you certainly can’t sandbag on existing plans just because the rep performed what you asked him to do.

    Thanks Colleen

  2. Sales Tip: Dealing with Commission Cheats

    I am so glad this was brought up! My company gave us salespeople 1% on existing customers and 2% on new. But then this year they changed it. They are “banking” our commissions until we reach an “unattainable” sales goal, then they will release the commissions. We have 4 sales people on our team. NONE of which have even come close to this “goal”.

    So this is illegal to change our commissions program without re-writing our contracts?

  3. I can’t speak to your specific case but if you have a signed agreement and they change it unilaterally they maybe operating against labour and contract law. If you don’t have a signed compensation agreement there might not be anything you can do.

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