Sales Tip: Accelerating New Rep Productivity

There’s a lot of talk in sales these days around the millennial generation. Are they really jumping from one job to another? Can you make this generation profitable?

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3 responses to “Sales Tip: Accelerating New Rep Productivity

  1. Hi Colleen,

    Good video. Thanks for sending it along. I am in medical sales, and work very independently. I find that your sales training is very helpful for me in the field. Helps keep me fresh. Thanks for being Awesome at what you do!

    In reply to the video, live for the present, plan for the future! What I mean is that if, as a sales person, you lose your lust for the close, the thrive for the chase, then you need to re-evaluate what it is that is in the way? Is it personal? Then a lot time to work on it, to keep your mind fresh! Is it work drive, then go back to the drawing board and find what it is that you need to make your days more enjoyable and more profitable! I am currently in a new distributorship role, which is quite fun, because they are only 4 years old. But showing strong signs of growth. I am now 8 years in medical sales. and still love the clinical sale, with the opportunity to make my own momentum. I guess my lunch is now over, back to the field we go! On a closing note, the millennials like the other generations, all have a similar interest, cash! What ever way the equity gets delivered to the sales person makes them want to close. I think a good on boarding program can always be said through a strong mentorship and job shadowing experience! Wishing the next generation good luck! If anyone ever wonders what it’s like to work in medical sales, happy to chat. Keep the pearls of wisdom coming Colleen, you are great at what you do!

    Sales Man Sean in the capital, out !


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  3. Hi Colleen ,

    I understand that we can make our new rep productive within a month by giveing them training , an inside sales lead , a territory .

    Really convincing .

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge

    Cincy , Kochi , Kerala , India

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