Sales Quiz: How to Reconnect with Lost Clients

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Here is a question :

Once you have identified the clients you want to re connect with your first step is to…?

  1. Email them to arrange a meeting or call
  2. Stop by unexpectedly to talk with them directly
  3. Pick up the phone to speak to them directly

Pick your answer and see how you do! And, I will see you on the video answer page.


One response to “Sales Quiz: How to Reconnect with Lost Clients

  1. Colleen,

    Once I have identified the client(s) I want to reconnect with, my first step is none of the above. Rather than email them and run the risk of my email ending up among the scores they likely may have to be discarded without being read; nor would I interfere with their desire daily to speak with clients on the phone or in person, I would send them a heartfelt greeting card.

    If I was a professional sales person at the time of serving and servicing this account, I would have accumulated and recorded key “extras” regarding the person’s personal hobbies, interests or accomplishments, such as military service, awards or trophies. I would incorporate something in that greeting card that might be directly relevant to his/her interests.

    Initially, I might just add a photo of them I might have on record to put in the card along with a simple message telling them I was thinking about them and wanted to meet sometime for coffee or lunch. After approximately 4-8 days after sending the card, I would call them to confirm they received the card, unless they called first to thank me for sending it, and set up a time to meet with them.

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