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Thanks to all our Ottawa clients who came out to our annual Summer Party last week. We all had such a great time we forgot TWO important things: (1) To pass out the birthday cake Casey arranged for our 8th birthday. We found it in the fridge at 8pm so only Skip Williams was the only guest to enjoy some!, and (2) We forgot to take any pictures! I am pretty sure you can use your imagination to conjure an image of 40 sales people on our back deck with a beer and/or glass of wine!

Thanks also to everyone who donated door prizes: Starbucks, Oresta Organic Skin Care Confectionary, Silver Star Promotions & Events, and to Debbie Trenholm from Savvy Company who made the wine suggestions. If you missed it, watch for the announcement of our Holiday Party this December.

It was great to connect with so many successful sales people to hear their stories from the year to date. And, I got to share one of my own. In a recent poll we did of clients, reports showed that those working with us in Platinum and those who attend the Sales Mastery Workshop last year saw business growth of between 18-300% so far in 2009! These are big jumps in any economy and I am so proud of the accomplishments our elite members have made.

Everyone is capable of selling more this year and you deserve to be in this “growth club” too. As a first step, implement at least one new idea from this newsletter this week. And if you are ready to take your sales career to a whole new level, join us in Chicago, Nov 19-21 at this year’s Sales Mastery Workshop. I am so excited by the group coming together. They have all excelled in their businesses and I know you will learn as much from them, as you will from Chris and I!

Not to mention the networking. Can’t wait to see you there!

 Colleen at the Summer Party with a Successful Platinum Client! (not exactly as shown)

Colleen at the Summer Party
with a Successful Platinum Client!
(not exactly as shown)


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