Sales Management by the Numbers….What do you think?

The other day I received this question / problem from a client and I thought you would love the chance to weigh in on what “Sales Manager X should do.”  Here is the problem:

Assume you have a team of 10 reps who do nothing but close inbound web leads (6,000 let’s say a month) and generate $10M out of those leads. They all make 100 or so calls outbound a day and have a 35% close ratio. No this is not some trick algebra question 🙂 If you were to make a list of all the variables one would look at from a 5,000 ft level that you would examine in an effort to Make that team more efficient than they are today AND grow revenue on that team assuming the 6,000 leads increased?

For example:

  1. Call metrics (calls per day, hour, length of call, etc…)
  2. Time spent on phones
  3. Talent of each rep closing the deals, etc…

What do you think?

A couple things come to mind immediately for me (besides the fact their closing ratio is exceptionally high!):

  1. How intensive is the sales process IE they will hit a wall eventually on the number of calls they can make in a day so even if the 6000 leads increase can they get to them?
  2. how many touches per customer before they close  – phone call, email etc – cost of sale. (measures profitability)
  3. How many referrals are they receiving per day / per lead
  4. What is their closing ratio for referred leads vs inbound leads
  5. What is their closing ratio for email sales and live chat? If they aren’t using this I would suggest investigating it
  6. What is their closing ratio per lead source type

I know we have some great sales minds reading this blog so weigh in! What would yoou measure?

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