Sales Lessons From a Top Performer

bender-applause Congratulations to Platinum Lead-up Member Donald Leblanc who wrote to tell us of a recent success:

“….my team and I Iistened to your Sales Stimulus call in November and immediately set to work calling our existing customers as you said. The result was 5 new orders immediately!”

There are 2 BIG lessons learned from Donald’s team’s success:

1. They took action immediately. There is no time like the present to try a new idea! Why wait until other implement all the new strategies. If you act now, you will profit sooner.

2. Donald’s team went back to their base. There is nothing more profitable than selling more to your existing customers. Most sales reps ignore their existing customers in favor of new customers. While its always nice to close net new business, ultimately you will only sell more with less effort of you reach out to your existing customers more often.

Clearly Donald and his team are action takers and o doubt they will profit from it. And you can too. The entire lesson above is applicable to your business regardless of what you sell. The key is to remember the V.O.R. T.E. X methodology for selling more to existing customers.

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  1. Isn’t it interesting that sales people would rather try to get new business from people they don’t know than to go back to the ones they’ve already sold to get more business.

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