Sales Gratitude

Green Check Mark. You have it good.

In the “hustle and bustle” of your workday, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress and pressure of consistently hitting your sales targets. You’re constantly prospecting, networking, following up with clients and working hard to make the next sale. If you’ve been in sales for even a small period of time, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed at one point or another.

But regardless of all of this, I want to remind you of how good you have it.

Whenever you feel the overwhelm taking over, remind yourself of these important points:

1. You Can Do Your Own Thing   

Many salespeople have an entrepreneurial spirit. When you become good at sales, you can create almost any business from scratch and get people interested. The greatest business owners are also excellent salespeople. If you’ve ever wanted to go out and create your own business, you already have an incredible asset on your side…your sales experience!

2. Earn What You Want

Want a little extra income next month? In sales, it’s often just a matter of increasing your input. That is, to create more earnings in sales, you just have to hustle more! How many other professions give you that kind of flexibility?

3. Your Skills Are Transferrable

Being able to sell will never hinder your progress in life. If you want to master the art of selling, you will have to master relationship building. I can’t think of a single personal or professional scenario in life where being able to build relationships will ever be a bad thing. Your ability to sell, whether it’s a product or yourself, will always give you a massive advantage over others. <– Click To Tweet

 4. You Can Be Creative

Sales often forces you to think outside the box. When your competition implements a new strategy to maximize their sales (and minimize yours), you are often pushed to be more creative to retain and expand your share of the market. Flexing your creative muscle is not a common occurrence in many other professions.

5. You Get To Increase Your Knowledge

Your industry and your market will always change and evolve. The top salespeople have figured out that when you remain stagnant in an evolving environment, you actually lose ground! So, any salesperson who wants to reach the top will have to invest in their own knowledge. The best sellers are attending conferences, reading books, joining networking groups, listening to audiotapes and making other extra efforts to increase their knowledge. As a result, a top sales performer is constantly evolving, growing and becoming a better person.

So, when you’re feeling deflated, remember all of the good that comes with being involved in sales. There are times where you will be stressed out, but if you take a moment each day to express gratitude for the above points, it won’t take long to realize how good you really have it!

What’s one piece of sales gratitude that you can share?

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