Sales and Business Lessons from Mykonos (Part 2)

Thinking back to my post on Monday, another lesson we can learn from Mykonos is the value of adding value. Adding value, especially when it is not expected, creates a lasting impression in your customers minds and keeps them coming back. Even more, it converts your customers into evangelists bringing you more customers at little advertising costs.

For example:

  1. 75% of the restaurants we dined with provided us with either free desserts or drinks after dinner. I estimate this hit the restaurant took was $5 (at most) per bill. The result? We told everyone in our group that they should dine there! And in a city that appears to have more dining choices than people, word of mouth is priceless.
  2. We hired a fabulous guide to take us to Delos, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. When we returned to our hotel, she had left us a gift of local treats and a thank you card. Again, she was rehired by two members of our group after our recommendation.
  3. Average tips in Greece are just to “round up” – we routinely left 20% because the service was so good, we couldn’t leave anything less. The hotel manager told us that last month a wealthy patron had occupied the biggest suite at the hotel for two weeks. When he left, he tipped the hotel $30,000

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