Sales Advice As We Approach The End of The Year

I don’t know many people whose 2020 went “according to plan.” As we approach the end of the year, here’s some sales advice to be considering right now.

1. Focus On What You Can Do

Focus less (as hard as it might be) on things you can’t do, and instead focus on what you can. We’re still largely unsure on how 2021 will look in terms of restrictions, travel bans, and so forth. But, what are some activities that you can prepare to work on that aren’t dependent on pandemic restrictions?

Whether it’s organizing virtual team trainings, refining your organization’s processes, placing more focus on your organization’s digital content or footprint, there are things every business in every industry can be doing to prepare for next year.

2. Touch Base With Your Clients

Never assume. Even if your clients have “implied” or have “indirectly” mentioned a certain strategy or path they’ll be pursuing next year, it’s important to ask clear, direct questions to understand your clients and their plans.

It’ll help you identify areas where you can help, or can help you prepare if their shifting plans don’t include you moving forward.

3. Touch Base With Your Team

Check in to see how your team is feeling. Everyone has, to varying degrees, felt the effects of the pandemic. Get clear on their plans, thought processes, and see if they have any ideas on ways to optimize the organization for 2021. Their feedback can be highly valuable and insightful.

The point? It’s time now to start thinking about how you’re going to kick off the new year. Especially in 2020, preparedness (or as close to it as you can get) is one of your greatest allies in your success moving forward.


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