Revenue Prevention?

Chris and I are booked at the Fairmont Sonoma this summer on a package that I purchased during a charity auction. We are traveling on something called an “Ovation Certificate” and I have been guaranteed a nice upgraded newly renovated room with a view of the garden.

All is fine, BUT I thought I would inquire at the hotel about upgrading – at my extra cost – to a suite. After all, the though of sitting on a private balcony drinking wine every night is rather appealing to me…..

When I called Fairmont Hotels today they told me that this specific hotel does not allow upgrades from the Ovation Certificates. Even IF I am paying for it personally, and am prepared to present a credit card in advance.


That the hotel would turn away $500 – $1000 in extra room night revenue is a mystery to me. It was explained to me as that “hotel’s policy”. I have never before heard of a policy that prevents revenue in such an overt way.

To be clear, they do have suites available. Just not one that they are willing to let me pay for!

Think about your own corporate polices. Do you have any that actually make it impossible for the client to spend money with you?

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PS.  Perhaps it’s time for a fresh perspective from a fresh new sales consultant? 😉



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