Relentlessly Self Promote

A lesson that was repeated often during the Marketing Super conference I attended last week was to be promoting often. I agree. Now, there is always the question of when self promotion becomes bragging and I think its a good question to consider. because the last thing you want to do is alienate your clients by making them feel you are superior.

The key is to ensure all your self promotion activities are customer centric not “you” centric.

(1) A thank you card can be self promotion because it puts you in front of the client in a unique way. The self promotion does not have to be about you it just has to be something that keeps your name in front of the client more often, and in more unique ways than the competition.

(2) Client appreciation parties are a form of self promotion

(3) Send referrals to your customers.

(4) Create a customer newsletter and send it monthly via email or hard copy mail

(5) Send press releases monthly about successes in your business

(6) Support a charity. Donate 10% of your gross sales to an association or charity that makes sense to you and your business and tell your clients about it

The worst experience you can give your customer is the same experience they can get from someone else. Self promotion is about staying top of mind so that when your clients needs you, they can easily find you. How can you stay top of mind without crossing the line and being a braggart?

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  1. Thanks for the tips Colleen – I can say from experience that #3 (Send referrals to your customers) creates a win-win for both you and your client. Call it good karma, common sense, or a combination thereof. Your clients will appreciate it and your name/business will come to mind first when they need to recommend someone.

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