Recession ends in Canada!

Great news if you run a business or sell in Canada!

“OTTAWA (Reuters) – The Bank of Canada declared Canada’s recession to be virtually over on Thursday and raced ahead of a cautious central banker pack with a mostly upbeat view on the world economy.

The worst-case scenario of global financial disaster has been “taken off the table”, Governor Mark Carney said after the central bank released a surprisingly rosy quarterly outlook.

Carney predicted a turnaround in Canada’s economy this quarter, an earlier-than-expected recovery from the worst recession since the 1990s.”

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  1. New Rules for Selling in the New Economy | Sell More, Work Less and Make More Money by Colleen Francis says:

    […] Bank of Canada has just announced that Canada is officially out of “recession”. Great news. That being said….our economy is likely never going to look exactly the same as […]

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