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I just completed my term as President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. While its always nice to move on the new challenge I will miss leading an Growing at CAPS!association that is so dedicated to helping others, change, grow, and excel. Here is me with my fellow CAPS leaders Val and David at our annual convention where my 2008 theme Grow ruled the day! I know… For those of us in Northern climates, it can be difficult to think of anything growing at this time of year. Most of us are knee deep in snow, are facing a bleak grey landscape or rallying behind the motivational cry of “at least it’s a dry cold!” Despite the lack of growth outside, its is a great time for growth inside. Specifically a time to reflect on past goals, stretch into new goals and review our accomplishments over the past years. What are your growth goals for 2009?

When my brother and I were kids we used to stare at the sky and ask ourselves how high we thought it could go. Paul thought it was endless, I was not so sure. I remember him being particularly devastated at school one day when we learned that the sky actually ended and deep dark space began. I am still intrigued by the thought that the universe is endless and often catch myself wondering “What else in our lives are endless?”. How big, how high can we grow our lives?

In my opinion, everybody is capable of achieving more next year than they did last. And while many of you are already living your dream, is it the dream you had at the beginning, when nothing could hold you back? It’s easy to get lured into complacency because you are earning what you need to this year. So, take a moment to assess your current position and how you got there. Once you do its easier to set your heights on growing even more.

2009 is upon us. Here is my challenge for you this month. Find a comfortable, nurturing environment to reflect on your past 2008 goals, stretch into new goals and review your accomplishments. Think about where you wanted to be when you started out, and what you are going to do to get there next year. Ask yourself: what are your growth goals for 2009? And what are you going to do to make sure they come true?

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