Podcast on referrals

I recently recorded a podcast for www.saleopedia.com that has been receiving a great response. I’m not sure if you are a salesopedia subscriber so I thought I would forward you the link directly. (You should sign up for their newsletter, it’s great!)


In this podcast I discuss the advantages of referred leads versus cold calling, supporting my position with the hard sales numbers you really should know. I address why we don’t ask for referrals, when and how to ask for a referrals, and I share specific tips on asking for referrals that actually work. You will also hear about my ‘Advocacy Program’ designed to manage your referral network more efficiently.

Be sure to listen to the podcast and start immediately applying the concepts during your sales day – everyday!


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  1. Thanks for the plug Colleen. We had many of your readers sign up for the weekly Salesopedia newsletter which we trust they will enjoy. It is always a pleasure to interview you. Your fresh ideas and effective communication style make you a great guest!

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