Planning for a Successfull 2011

Almost the end of the year! Time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2011. My first task – and I will have it completed by the end of this week – is to plan my holidays. What days and weeks will I take off from work? Planning those dates now, and working all my projects around them, ensures that I do take holidays. I suggest that you do too. After all do you live to work? Or work to live?

Here are a few of my favorite questions to reflect on, usually with a glass of wine of a scotch, as I plan for the next year’s successes.

What worked in 2010 that I want more of?

What worked but I did not enjoy?

What didn’t work that I wish had worked?

Can I modify those ideas to see if it is worth trying again in a different way?

How can I help existing great clients more?

What money targets are you chasing in 2011?

What are the opportunities and obstacles to achieving that goal?

What personal targets do I have in 2011?

What 1 week, 1 month 1 quarter and 1 years activity plans do I have in place?

I’m always happy to hear your goals for 2011 so I can help you along the way. Perhaps you have questions that should be added to this list. If so, I would love to hear from you. Be part of this discussion and together we can all have our best years yet

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