Pipeline or Pipe Dream?

funnel You may be surprised to learn that many salespeople and business professionals spend less than one hour a month prospecting for new business.

One thing you must always keep in mind is that there is no sales problem that good prospecting skills can’t solve. Unless you’re rude or have a bad attitude (in which case you shouldn’t be in sales!), nurturing your pipeline consistently will lead you to sales success.

I frequently coach sales reps who know exactly what to say, when to say it, and have terrific, well-priced products and services…but they still don’t sell. Why? Because they have no prospects waiting in their sales funnel! Simply put, if you have no prospects, you can’t make sales. <– Click To Tweet

To ensure that you are creating a steady stream of new business opportunities, here are a few tips that can help your prospecting and pipeline building efforts:

1) Get Referrals

Referred leads are great tools to grow your business. They’re also useful benchmarks to see how well you’re building your business relationships and delivering your services. The preferred way to receive leads is to receive them without actually asking for them. These unsolicited referrals are proof that you’ve earned trust by delivering quality work for your clients. These referrals act as an “alternative” sales team and work wonders with attracting new prospects to you.

Serve quality to your current client base and you will attract new clients!

2) Be a Life Giver

What goes around, comes around. Life givers are well aware of this fact. They understand the power of reciprocity, and use it to their advantage. So don’t hoard your contacts! Start making introductions!

Be the first at an event or party to provide a contact to someone you’ve just met, rather than waiting for them to give you something first. Once you start sharing your contacts and making connections for others, it won’t be long before your clients and contacts start returning the favor in spades.

3) Make the calls.

Last but not least, top sales reps almost always create a short but precise “To Do” list. They create their list to reflect their goals for the year. Right at the top of your list should be the number of prospecting calls you’re going to make every day. Stick to it, embrace it, and don’t neglect it! It really comes down to getting into the trenches and doing the work!

Don’t make a successful pipeline a pipe dream. You can achieve great success with your prospecting if you put in the necessary effort. Follow the steps, do the work, and make things happen!

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