My Number 1 Sales Rule

Good Morning,

My number 1 sales rule is never finish your day without doing at least 1 thing to put new business opportunities in your sales pipeline. This is the most profitable habit you can develop.

So its Monday morning and I know I have a full day. A teleseminar at 10, a flight to California at 1, and 2 hour car ride from SFO to Napa to meet a client. Not a ton of time for new business development.

Its on days like this that discipline is important. By 8am I had 2 proposals out the door and 2 emails sent to clients who likely wants to do follow up training this year, and have not yet booked. That’s 4 activities related to new business development.

How many new business opportunities have you developed today? Get into the habit. Your commissions will soar!

Dedicated to increasing your sales,


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