Must Read: Go For No!

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I just finished a great little book from a new friend of mine Andrea Waltz and her husband Richard Fenton. Page for page this book packs in more profitable sales advice than any other publication I have read all year!

The book – and website – are

I encourage everyone to read study and implement ALL of the Go For No practices. In particular, I love their tag line (and mantra) “Yes is the destination. No is how you get there”. And I agree 100% with the authors message of resilience and persistence. Learn to embrace failure! We all need to – everyday –  in order to succeed in sales.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate to lose as much as the next guy. But I have come to understand that being successful in sales means you have to be comfortable failing. Andrea and Richard agree that the faster you fail, the more successful you will be!

I once read that behavioural anthropologists label successful sales people as “happy losers”. While you might object to be called a loser, no matter how happy, you can’t escape the fact that throughout your career ( if you aim to be on the top)  you have to be prepared to lose sales, fail to win contracts, and  hear NO! a lot. I estimate that I have easily heard NO! at least 4 times as often than Yes in my career. And, just this week alone  Lewis (our Sales Director at Engage) – after hearing NO! 20 times from a client, finally heard a yes….and this was a yes worth being patient for! I am proud of his persistence and encourage you all to embrace NO and the book Go For No as an essential part of your sales day.

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