Mirror Mirror…

I’ve been thinking a lot about the state of sales, especially its state in the future.
Here are some of my predictions and musings.

  1. Non-sellers will be made responsible for revenue and profit as traditional sellers become less important in the sales process. Specifically, marketing teams will be measured and paid on success.
  2. Amazon will buy the US post office.
  3. Argentina will become the South America powerhouse market.
  4. There will be even more buying and less selling as buyers become less interested in dealing with sellers.
  5. Food waste will decrease as portion sizes get smaller. This will allow restaurants to increase profits, pay better wages and expand. At the same time, farmers will be able to diversify and sell more crops at home, creating better food security.
  6. People will stop caring about generational descriptions and just start hiring the best people for the job, regardless of age.
  7. The GMO debate will go away as food prices increase, allowing nonprocessed foods to be more plentiful and farmers to make a higher margin on conventional products.
  8. AI will drive 90% of the sales and marketing decisions. The other 10% of decisions will be made by senior executives and will involve only those issues that are ambiguous. In other words, machines will make all of our decisions when data is present and accurate.
  9. IOT will drive a change in the way companies spend, allowing more budget flexibility.
  10. Google will become the largest global developer of communities. See the sidewalk project in Toronto for a great example.
  11. AWS will start to demand business process changes from their customers. In other words, if your process is too bandwidth heavy you will need to change it.
  12. Dyson will start to make car wash dryers and industrial dryers.
  13. Yelp will be sued if they don’t find a way to verify users before negative fake reviews are posted

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What are some other trends you expect to pick up steam in the near or not-so-near future?

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