Managing Change is the Secret to Unlocking Value | Sales Strategies

When we’re making a sale, we’re asking someone to make a change—a change in business, strategy, software, people, or products. However, more importantly, change is difficult. If you start thinking about selling as managing a change management process, it really helps you to speed up sales and set yourself apart from the competition. Why? Because your buyers, indeed, don’t like change. They’re scared of change and making the wrong decision.

How Do We Help Clients Through This Change and How Can We Show Them Change Will Be Easy?

1.) Prove to them you’ve executed on this change a number of times. A customer needs proof that you know how to make the change easy for them.

2.) Show testimonials and case studies. Specifically, show testimonials and case studies that relate to the change that you are helping the customer transition into.

3.) Walk them through an implementation strategy. Start thinking after the sale before the sale is closed. This will help you grow your sales because you are showing the customer what happens after they say yes—all the processes, steps, resources, and timelines involved.

Implementing all of those aforementioned three points will illustrate and prove to customers that you have done this before, augmenting your credibility. It also demonstrates to them that you, more importantly, have done it successfully. They thus will feel more confident with making the change with you.

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