Making Money Mondays: Your secret weapon for keeping the robots at bay

Science fiction is rife with stories of invading robots versus a seemingly helpless human population. For many salespeople, the future is here and the robots are threatening to eat their lunch. Rather than metal cyborgs, these robots are self-checkout kiosks and online stores powered by intuitive software. U.S. Department of Commerce statistics say online sales have grown steadily since 2000 by an average 20% annually.

 Don’t despair! You have a secret weapon! Empathy and compassion sell. Salespeople can create a positive experience for customers that, when done right, no amount of software can match. With an investment of time and effort, you can fine-tune your sales approach, constantly creating a buying experience that customers will want again. This includes giving away things that add value, such as tips and best practices, referrals to another client, or sharing an idea that could help customers solve a problem. Love what you sell the customers you serve! It attracts people and helps build the kind of rapport that will help you rise to the top.

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2 responses to “Making Money Mondays: Your secret weapon for keeping the robots at bay

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Colleen!
    Even in the age of such advanced technology, being personable and building relationships is valued a lot more than some cool software. Each client needs a unique approach, and that only comes from years of “human” sales experience, not a software update.


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