Making Money Mondays: Break a sales slump: six tips for sales managers

Sales managers often encounter cases where a sales rep is in a slump and needs help. One-size-fits all solutions don’t work. Instead, try one of the following field-tested ideas.

  1. Reconnect to plan. Review goals and have your team recommit to an action plan you’d set earlier, or create a new one together.
  2. Get back to basics. Mastering the fundamentals is an ongoing process and it’s often where you’ll discover gaps in a rep’s knowledge.
  3. Rethink sales presentation. Do something different to get different results. Turn your presentation style upside down (try starting in the middle, for example).
  4. Get to work earlier. It’s not a crowd pleaser, but get your team to suck it up for a short period and do what it takes to get the team’s sales back on track.
  5. Follow the leader. Have your team follow your best salesperson on their daily calls. Note what they do differently and incorporate those ideas.
  6. Have them take their boss (you!) to work. This will compel reps to be more prepared and on their best behavior. You’ll give more feedback than they’d like, but it will reinforce that you’re a team using a team approach to solving a problem.

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