Making Money Monday: Stop blaming the economy

I hear this often: “The problem today is no one’s buying.” Really? No one? Of course some people are buying. You can’t control the marketplace, but you have full control over the business habits you engage in your own market. Top sales performers aren’t waving the white flag. They’re powering though and out-hustling their competitors. Here are just a few winning ways you can ramp up your activity to work smarter and harder.

Reach out to customers with a content-rich newsletter. Get a sales coach or a mentor. Attend at least one networking event weekly. Ask for referrals daily. Follow up on leads at least 7x by both email and phone. Prospect every day. Attend trade shows regularly and follow up with leads within 24 hours. Make five more calls daily. Implement a reactivation campaign to recoup lost customers. Talk to your five best customers, asking them to evaluate your situation and make suggestions for new markets.

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One response to “Making Money Monday: Stop blaming the economy

  1. Hi Colleen,

    This is SO TRUE!!! I just did a video on this topic, putting the OWN back in business owner. It is much easier to blame and make excuses than to take action or look yourself and your actions in the mirror.

    I like the ideas and action steps you laid out in this article. Any sales person or business owner will get results if they take action.

    Here is the link to the video.

    Thanks for being a sales inspiration as usual.

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