Making Money Monday: Beware the seven deadly sins against honesty in sales

The lies we tell ourselves and the assumptions we make are deadly sins. Avoid these and you’ll avoid lost sales and missed targets.

Assuming that clients will think you’re being honest with them. As a professional, your job is to show through both actions and words you’re the real deal on honesty.

Treating prospecting as something you’ll outgrow. Without prospecting, you’re dead. You need a sales funnel 3x larger than what’s required to reach a sales target.

Thinking great products sell themselves. No matter how great your product is, nobody really needs you. Customers can always find someone else to do business with, but offering a great relationship is what keeps them coming back.

Believing in “it’s nothing personal, just business.” Everything’s personal. Great sales records are built on likeability and that’s sustained by the rapport you build.

Relying on “low-hanging fruit.” Never take a great sales quarter for granted. Markets go up and down, so you must always keep your sales machinery in top working order.

Believing in the sure thing. Things change. So only count your deals as 100% in your pipeline once you have a signed contract and a purchase order is received.

Under-promising/over-delivering. Trust is built by demonstrating consistent behavior: that’s what makes buyers believe in your honesty and integrity as a sales person.

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