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Participate in the poll and see what other sales professionals are saying. Last newsletter we asked: What tools on LinkedIn are you using to maximize your network? Here are the results:

  • We have a company group set up for clients: 22%
  • We set up or participate in industry group(s) for the market(s) we serve: 11%
  • I ask questions related to my expertise and products: 11%
  • We use it for recruiting new reps: 0%
  • I just use it for connections to others: 56%

This week, your question is: Where do most of your sales come from? Vote and see how you compare to the rest of the Engage community…

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2 responses to “Make Your Voice Heard!

  1. Just recently I too received an email. Very well crafted and the kicker is that i picked it up on vacation on my blackberry which made it even more believable. Needless to say I cut it short BUT the place where they referenced my speaking background was real so they must search networks for potential victims. below is the letter that i received AFTER the 1st contact

    Dear John Annoni,

    Thanks for indicating your interest to be our Guest Speaker at this year LONDON YOUTH CONFERENCE. We are very excited and happy to have such a wonderful personality in our mist. Sorry for contacting you late . We the event organizing committee had a meeting earlier today to deliberate on getting you available here within a short period of time. We believe we serve the lord of possibilities.Arrangements are stated below.

    We have agreed to buy your flight ticket and to pay your Hotel accommodation expenses . Also your Speaking fee is amounted to 9,000Dollars.$5000 (FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS) deposit is to be paid as soon as you procure all relevant travel documents so as to avoid any dissapointment.You are informed to get accross your Work Permit to us so your deposit can be approved according to our mandated rules and regulation.

    You are advised by the Event Organizing committee to immediately contact the BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION to procure your UK Work Permit as soon as possible

    This will enable us to proceed with all arrangements to welcome you here in London. Contact the British High Commission officer information below.


    Name…Dr Darren David

    Email… OR

    Please confirm to us the closest Airport to your location so we can start making arrangements to buy your flight tickets .Understand that you need to expedite action because of the short notice. Feel free to ask any question

    We have attached a formal Letter of Invitation and contract agreement.Please reconfirm to us your office Address for our perusal and further action.Note you are meant to arrive a day before the commencement of the event.

    Please return a signed copy of the contract agreeement for proper documentation.You can also reach me on my mobile number for more update

    We await your earliest response
    Pastor Williams Smith

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