Lying Cheating Sales People

I am so sick of telesales people who lie to get in the door. This morning we got a call from a telesales rep at Chester Ross claiming to be following up on our toner cartridge order. FYI Cherster Ross is in Toronto, we are in Ottawa, and we deal with a local office supply store.

She said she was “just following up on a call you made about your toner cartridge order”

Now, technically there are at least 2 things wrong with this (as well as the lie!):

(1) The word just is a bad word to use in sales because it’s meaningless and weak

(2) She startes with “I” which is a no-no for any sales professional

(3) It’s a lie. We never made that call. So unless they bought a customer list from our vendor in Ottawa…. we never called them

Its always a bad idea to lie to a prospect on the phone. In this case they were trying to trick Casey into thinking that she had a relationship with them. Thankfully Casey is smart enough to know that this was a trap and Chester Cross is now blacklisted from our vendor list. In our office, when it comes to lying sales people its a one strike you’re out rule!

This case reminded me of a scam from many years ago when I was at Enterprise. Our branches were getting calls form a company – also in Toronto coincidentally – asking them to confirm their mailing address for a fax toner order that was placed. The branch manager or employee, thinking that head office had oprdered the toner confirmed the address and the order was shipped – with an invoice that was 3X the regular price. It only happened once and the company was never able to sell t Enterprise again.

Seriously is lying to get a 1 time order worth it when it bans you from life from selling to the company ever again? Only if you are a scam artist.

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” – Colleen

4 responses to “Lying Cheating Sales People

  1. I took a call from Chester Cross this morning (June 30, 2008). When I politely told them we weren’t interested but thank you anyway, I was told to f*** off, and was promptly hung up on. I called their customer service line (1-800-268-4008), explained to someone what happened, asked them never to call us again, and I all got in response was “ok. Goodbye.” No apology or anything. Didn’t even ask for our phone number, for that matter. Aren’t there some kind of laws against unsolicited blind sales calls that swear at the potential client?

    Anyway, thanks for having some information about them I could look up, and letting me vent a bit on your site here.

  2. Hi Diane,

    Sorry you don’t agree that sales people should be telling the truth. Not sure if you are in sales but if you are, the behaviour of these reps should concern you. They are tarnishing ALL our reputations and making it more difficult for you to be a success. There is no excuse for lying to your prospects to get a sale.

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