Looking back to Get Ahead

Happy New Year!

This is the first day back to work for Casey Chris and I after a long break and I went to work setting some goals for the new year. The first step is always to reflect back on the past year, cherish my successes and then plan. Its hard to plan if you don’t remember what you accomplished how you felt and what you are striving towards. To help me do this I had a series of questions sent to me from my performance coach Lee Milteer. Here they are listed below so you too can use them to have a top performing 2009.

What am I most Proud of Achieving this Year?

What is BLOCKING Me Mentally Right Now from Being My Best?

What Specific Results Have I achieved this Year?

Am I Healthier, Wealthier, and Wiser and More Successful? What Actions Have I taken to Lead Me to these Results?

Am I Winning, Losing, or Just Holding Ground?

What Results am I committed to Achieve by the End of the Year? For next year? Write Out Plans in Detail.

How have I Grown and What have I Learned this year?

Who am I Most Grateful to?

Is there any Unfinished Business that Needs to be Tended to in my Life?

What Habits or Behaviors do I need to Change to Ensure Better Results?

What is the Key Issue that Inhibits My Ability to Perform at My Best?

What am I willing to do Differently that will change my Life and Profits?

If I knew that Everything in my life was going to Work out and I had No Worries about Money—What Would I do Differently?

Happy Planning!


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  1. Great article Colleen. Staying focused on your accoplishment and where you need to improved will always bring about the outcome you desire.

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