Look Outside Your Sales Organization | Sales Strategies

Far too many sales organizations focus only on the internal KPIs (the things that drive your performance): sales velocity, sales process, your funnel, your pipeline, the number of calls you make, the number of conversions you make, your closing ratio, or your average sales cycle. 

Those things are important, but we need a balance—a balance where the systems and processes are customer-centric. 

Customer-Centric Systems 

I encourage you to first look at your entire organization. In particular, identify how your customer likes to engage and the different ways they buy from you. Then, ask yourself or your customers how you can improve those processes and make it more customer-friendly. For example, could there be more ways to order, a simpler way to order, or more online options?

In essence, these questions will help you primarily identify what’s causing 33 percent of your buyers to say, “Nope, I want to do this on my own.” Once you start balancing those internal KPIs with systems that are customer-centric, you will be right on the money and your customers will love doing business with you.

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