Lessons from The Million Dollar Consulting Convention

experts I recently had the honour of presenting at the inaugural Million Dollar Consulting Convention presented by Alan Weiss. Over 180 professionals attended the Convention, and while I was there to “teach” consultants how to create a Nonstop Sales Boom, I took in as much (if not more) than I gave out. Here are my top 10 from the week:

The key to a successful life is loving every day. If you treat each day as an exciting new opportunity to explore, create, and experience you will always thrive. – Alan Weiss

  1. A positive mental attitude is created by taking action. – Martin Seligman
  2. People are surprising, and that’s a good thing! If you approach people with pre-existing  notions you miss out on the best experiences.
  3. Sometimes doing less will help you create more.
  4. Trust your gut. That rumble is ALWAYS right.
  5. Extreme Republicans and Extreme Democrats can be the greatest of friends when they don’t take themselves too seriously and can debate without personal attacks.
  6. The best sales people act like 3 year olds. They ask “why” all the time. –  Linda Henman
  7. Call people out on their passive aggressive behaviour. It’s hurtful and harmful.
  8. To attract the best buyers and opportunities you must appear to be dominant in your market. Take advantage of every media, every network, and every opportunity, to present your expertise
  9. Trust yourself. Know that you are good and believe that you are good. Success starts with the messages you tell yourself.

Thank you Alan for the amazing learning experience.!  This is a not to be missed event for next year so plan now to attend the 2016 event in LA March 16-17

Dedicated to increasing your sales,