Is This Problem Causing Your Team to Struggle?

We can discuss sales strategies, ideas, tips and methods to no end. However, at times even the best salesperson struggles to achieve results not because of a weak strategy, but because of little to no focus on their productivity.

Let’s cut to the chase. The best way to get your team to achieve true productivity in their work day is to get them to cut off all inbound access. Now, before your jaw drops too low, let me clarify…

You should only get your team to do so temporarily, ideally an hour or two each day.

Consider asking your team to turn their phone to silent or completely turning it off, as well as logging out of their email inbox while they have important tasks to attend to. When they’re focusing on outbound business development prospecting, they should not have to deal with distracting, time-consuming tasks which take the focus out of their work day.

Want a perfect example of how this simple tweak in productivity can benefit your sellers?

A few years ago I was called upon by one of my clients to help solve a situation. The company’s sales were stagnant. They were stuck at $40 million annually and had not seen an increase in revenue in several years.

I was brought in to help solve the problem, and to my surprise, the sales team was actually very highly skilled and motivated. They simply were not selling.

What we mandated was four hours minimum on the phone every day calling prospects and working on business development, and suggested the team shut off their email and phones while doing so.

The results were staggering. The company witnessed a jump in sales from $40 million to $65 million in just one year! The sales tactics, resources, and products stayed exactly the same. The only implementation was a focus on productivity and the business was able to reap huge benefits as a result.

Remember sellers, while we may spend much of our time as salespeople sharpening our sales skills, it is important to stay focused on the task at hand. Fast-paced work environments require dedication, focus, and little to no distractions.

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